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Anne-Marie Te Whiu

These Are The Bodies I Have Found: Baskets of poems (PRE-ORDER NOW)

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Anne-Marie Te Whiu

These are the bodies I have found is an exquisite, fragile work of weaving and poetry. Each handwoven basket contains a chapbook of Annie's fine-bone poetry, and both pieces of art circle questions of mortality and meaning.

As a daughter, sister and active member of multiple communities, Anne-Marie has lived the reality of too many people around her passing suddenly, and too soon. She has also often been first on hand, the one to initiate the hard and collective work of putting lives and histories back together. 

Through the process of weaving and the work of observation, Anne-Marie reflects on five such definitive times in her life.

Each basket takes Annie days, and lifetimes, to weave, and she is creating only a limited number of pieces. 

About the author

Anne-Marie Te Whiu is a poet, cultural producer and weaver of people and fibre. Read more about Anne-Marie here.

Book & basket details

  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • 44 pages
  • Weight ‏(chapbook plus basket) :‎ 0.5 kg
  • Release date : October 1, 2022

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