About us

Taraheke | BushLawyer is a collective of writers and artists from Aotearoa and so-called Australia. We are also women, mothers, caregivers, activists and organisers. We're Māori, or we're otherwise invested in decolonial, antiracist politics.

We observe the way these identities intersect and act as screens, making us less "attractive" to mainstream publishers (or sometimes, ironically, "more attractive"), and making corporate publishing less attractive to us.

With Taraheke | BushLawyer, we're acting as our own printers, sales agents, publishers and publicists. We aim to be as accountable as we can for end-to-end, cradle-to-cradle dissemination of words and stories that open another way for books and stories to be offered and received.

We are also community cultural organisers, and we're dedicating all profits from Taraheke | BushLawyer projects to #landback. We'll make information available as we can about the relationships, structures and "decision trees" that will support our #landback investment (we can't divest what we don't have!). We’ll keep striving to improve and reach closer towards our values and kaupapa – difference-loving, indigenous, socialist, whenua-based tino rangatiratanga, manaakitanga and aroha.

We are not in an exclusive relationship with each other! We all belong to other collectives or creative projects, and we publish books with other publishers as well (including those in the mainstream, or close to it). And we don't intend to remain a small or closed collective forever. 

Taraheke | BushLawyer is our opportunity to test new ideas and to ask readers directly whether what we have to say is relevant, useful and worth the reading effort! Our hope is not to compete dog-eat-dog, but to be one piece in a proliferating horizontal economy of meaningful, values- and relationships-based collectives.